21 September 2009

The S-Word

The Dad gave permission for me to post his letter to the Boston Globe:
Many naysayers are hysterical in their fear that SOCIALISM could infect our health care system. Of course it already has, in the form of Medicare.

Following the arguments of the fearmongers, we should eliminate not only Medicare, but also other nefarious tax-supported schemes such as free public schools, public libraries and public roads & highways. Each of these should be replaced by a system of user fees.

As always, he's brief and pithy. Thanks, Dad.

09 September 2009

Put "Civil" Back into "Civic Discourse"

Yesterday morning, a 1010 WINS reporter found someone who said he didn't want his child to hear Obama's speech encouraging kids to work hard in school, because he doesn't want the child to "grow up to be a community organizer." That last said in sneering tone.

President Obama is ... uh ... the President of the United States, and community organizing only one of the things he did on the road to that position (albeit something I respect a great deal).

Okay, I admit I'm guilty of a fair number of jokes about former president Bush's pretzel incident. But the fact that by the end of the day the various news stations were still calling Obama's address to the nation's schoolchildren "controversial" suggests a new low among Republicans in the lengths to which they'll go to attack Obama. Because he's a Democrat? Or is there another, nastier reason, having to do with his heritage?

Okay, not all Republicans. Laura Bush said she respected Obama for making the speech, and urged other members of the party also to show him respect. Way to go, Laura.