15 June 2008

Urban Organic: A Plug

When I started this blog, The Mate requested that I not ever blog about him or about The Offspring. I agreed. Recently, however, he decided it might be okay if he made an occasional appearance here; in particular, he wanted me to record the recipe for a particularly delicious salad he made one night, which he wrote down for me on a scrap of paper.

Sadly, the scrap of paper has gone astray; I do remember that the salad included baby spinach, some sort of lettuce, mangoes, pumpkin seeds, and a dressing made with lime juice, orange juice, and honey.

All of the ingredients except the honey came to us from Urban Organic. For $35, we get a box of assorted organic vegetables and fruit left by our front door every Tuesday. The box is plenty big; some weeks, we have to work to keep up with cooking everything that comes in it. And we eat a far better variety of food, especially fruit, than we'd ordinarily buy at the market. (I'm an apple buyer; The Mate usually just gets bananas.) Check out the web site here.

Did I Lose My Youth Someplace Last Century?

I'm too old to understand:

High heeled flip flops
Eyebrow piercings
Writing across the seat of the sweat pants

14 June 2008

Track Work

Announcement on the 1 train at 96th street headed uptown:

"The next stop on this train, and on all 1 trains this weekend, is 137th Street, due to necessary track work. We apologize for any inconvenience."

I'm just glad they're not doing any unnecessary track work.