13 August 2008

Calisthenics Through the Decades

After minor surgery to remove a small growth from the side of my foot, I'm to limit walking and avoid running for at least three weeks. How, then, to get any exercise? Last night I got out a yoga mat and started a little stretching, and then I saw some leg weights lying around and put them on.

I lay on my back, propped my feet up in the air, and bicycled my legs around in a move I remember learning in gym in the 1970s. I did some 80's style aerobics class leg lifts, and some other leg lifts I was doing in the 90s while recuperating from and ITB injury. And I finished off with some yoga arm balances and a headstand, which I finally learned to do recently.

I wonder if anyone has written a history of exercise routines in the 20th century.

Which reminds me: the lobster boat racing finals took place in Maine last weekend; there's another thing I was thinking it would be interesting to research the history of.

(I know, I just ended a sentence with a preposition. Did you really want to have to read "... another thing about which I was thinking it would be interesting to research the history"?)