30 October 2008

The Mate Says: Please Vote For Obama

The Mate wrote the following, and asked me to post it here:

For the past eight years, this country has slaughtered, displaced, and wounded hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. Our country is mired in debt that will affect our ability to care effectively for our citizens now and in the future. Although I do blame both Democrats and Republicans (Congress authorized the war and controls the purse strings), the rot came from the top down.

Bush and Cheney pushed through an unnecessary war and pushed for unbelievable spending increases and tax cuts. Ironically, the wealthiest who voted for Bush and thought they were getting a good deal will likely find their net worth severely punished for their efforts. Between plummeting stock and home prices, their bottom line will be worse than it was eight years ago. Those of modest means or lower will suffer even more as job layoffs continue and food prices soar.

Remember the message of Everyman*: Charity in all its forms is the key to salvation. Now, even if you have doubts about the hereafter, the moral message is clear and relevant. People are suffering, and contributions of money, clothes, and time are the best you can do in trying times.

As for John McCain, experience does not outweigh poor judgment. It is clear from how he has waged his campaign through poor choices that his presidency would not be much different. He wants to continue the unwinnable war in Iraq, extend the tax cuts to the wealthy, and continue to surround himself with unqualified people who think contributions should be spent on Louis Vuitton bags for seven-year-olds.

Barack Obama, though certainly not perfect, is clear-headed, inspiring, and has the intellect to deal with the problems we are facing. I am impressed with Hillary Clinton pulling out all the stops to campaign for him, especially in Florida, and I hope Hillary supporters can become as passionate in convincing those who are still undecided.

Obama's campaign, from the people he has surrounded himself with, to grass roots organization, and his response to issues that have come up along the way shows that he will be a fantastic leader. Don't let fear-mongering, single issues, or misinformation cloud your judgment.

Please vote for Obama.

*Everyman is a Morality Play written in the late fifteenth century. You can read it here, or go here to buy a copy of The Mate's video version. Full disclosure: I produced the video.