17 November 2008

River Power Microhydro

The British are reviving the country's old mills, once used to grind grains, to generate electrical power. Each mill will generate only a relatively small amount of power -- a mill in Yorkshire will power 50 homes -- but as The Guardian points out, "With more than 20,000 mill sites across the UK, the potential is huge."

What if every New York City high rise had a solar grid and a wind turbine? How much of the building's energy could be generated right on site, with completely clean power sources?

It's an option to which we should be giving a lot more attention. But instead, we read about Exxon, which goes on insisting that Oil Is King. GM, Ford and Chrysler are about to go down the drain on their insistence on building huge, gas-guzzling vehicles. I wonder how much longer it will take for Exxon to shrivel.