13 May 2009

Skunk Opposes Health Care Reform

No time for blogging: I still have final exams to grade. But I couldn't let this pass:

Rick Scott is funding a series of advertisements opposing whatever health care plan Obama might develop. He used to be the CEO of a for-profit health care company but was kicked out by his own board of directors in the midst of a huge scandal involving fraudulent billing of the government. Read more in the Times, here.

His methods in getting footage of people slamming Britain's National Health Service are described in the Guardian, here.

For complicated and much analyzed reasons, by the way, the German, French and Swiss national health systems -- in fact, those in pretty much any European country -- work much better than the NHS. That's why the NHS is so popular among those who profit from illness in the United States.

As Paul Krugman put it in a piece in the Times earlier this week describing the health industry's efforts to derail real reform, "what the rest of us call health care costs, they call income."

Call your senator. Write to your representative. Urge their support for comprehensive health coverage for all Americans.