04 October 2010

Blame Mass Transit

I overheard a woman on the train the other day lamenting the increase in fares.

She told the conductor that she and her husband were cutting back on their trips to Rangers games, and implied that the fare hike was to blame.

The conductor asked how much it cost to see a Rangers game. $2000 for the season, she admitted, which entitled her to see twelve games. Oh, and another $2000 for her husband to go to the games, too.

So, between them, they're paying $333 and change every time they see a game.

Oh, plus the cost of mass transit. The round-trip train fare for the two of them from Middletown (where she got on) to Penn Station in New York is $57. Add on two round-trip fares on the subway, and that gets you up to $66, still less than a fifth of the cost of the hockey tickets.

I wonder what they're paying for hot dogs and beer?

And how much cheaper is the train ride than gas, tolls, and parking (not to mention the cost of the car plus insurance)?