03 March 2011

Spring Break, Professor Style

Orlando? Fort Lauderdale? Paris? On the couch watching videos?

No, none of the above.

Grade papers.
Grade exams.
Grade more papers.
Calculate and submit midterm grades.
Review transcripts for grad students in our program and send requests to the computer to move things around, because a programming glitch means courses aren't appearing in the right categories.
Answer email messages complaining about grades on papers (see above; I submit feedback on line so they don't have to wait until after the break to get it back).
Answer emails from advisees about course registration for next year (the course schedule has just been released).
Draft an article.
Revise a different article.
Draft a new course proposal.

If that all gets done, work on a book proposal.

That looks like enough to keep me busy for the next month or two; too bad the break is only a week.

Too bad I'm also hoping to do some work around the apartment (we moved in July and still don't have window coverings up, except in the bedrooms), catch up on sleep, jump-start my exercise plan, go to a lecture at Columbia, get some renovations started in the kitchen, and spend some time with my kid.