21 December 2011

Texting Here and Texting There...

...texting almost everywhere.
  • At the intersection: the crossing guard, after the kids have all gone by (and only after, I hope)
  • In the coffee shop: people at the same table texting other people instead of talking to each other
  • At the beach: the dog standing ankle-deep in water watching the guy texting, waiting for him to play
  • At the wheel of the car: driver swerving into one lane or the other, or drifting forward at the red light
  • At the wheel of the stroller: mom or dad pushing with one hand, or in suspended textimation, not having noticed the light has changed.
  • In the synagogue we didn't end up joining: teenagers everywhere
  • In the classroom, particularly in the first few weeks of a term: students, until they get the idea that I really mean "no texting"