05 August 2012

Not Shopping (Much)

Phase Two of not shopping (much) is that I've been buying only stuff I need AND actually like.

I wore out my favorite pair of sandals, so I replaced them -- with a pair that is also dressy enough to replace a second pair that's about to fall apart, and comfortable enough to walk in for miles. I was able to replace two worn-out items with a single new one.

My swimsuit gave up the ghost while I was on vacation a few weeks ago.  I'd already been through the sale web sites in search of a replacement, because I knew the moment was coming, but hadn't bought anything because I didn't see anything I actually liked.  And I got lucky -- I found a suit I liked, that was a good fit, in an actual store.  And on sale.

I'm contemplating Phase Three, in which I'm going to sort through clothes and get rid of all the itemsI really don't like.  The idea of that simultaneously scares and excites me: I bought this stuff because I thought I "needed" it, so what will happen if I get rid of it? 

On the other hand, I really like the idea of opening my closet to get dressed and only seeing clothing I love.