25 October 2012

Yes, This Is Political

I believe that all human beings warrant equal respect, honor, opportunity, and dignity.

Laws in this country at various times in our history, and still today, do not grant equality to all people.  Gays and lesbians, people of color, immigrants (legal as well as illegal), speakers of languages other than English, poor people, and women are and/or have been disadvantaged under local, state, and federal laws in this nation.

In some cases, laws have changed, but customs remain that allow disadvantage and inequality to linger.  In those cases, I believe that we need laws that specifically counter disadvantage and inequality, rather than allowing individual and collective discrimination to continue.

Men and women are not equal, and equality of access and opportunity under the law requires, for instance, health insurance policies that recognize that fact, and that do not treat women as deficient or ill in the areas in which we differ from men.

Our current president has pursued policies that encourage equality and justice for all -- those big words upon which this nation was founded, but those concepts this nation still has not managed to implement fully and thoroughly.

The man who would be president has made it clear that he does not believe in equality and justice for all.  He believes English should be the US official language.  He would end health care provisions that guarantee equivalent access to men and women, to wealthy and poor, to healthy and sick.  He would fight for laws that discriminate against gays and lesbians. He would repeal the fair pay act that guarantees women equal pay for equal work.

If you believe that gays and lesbians, people of color, immigrants*, single parents**, poor people, and women deserve dignity and respect, then why would you vote for a man who does not respect any of those people?


* Hey, guess what?  I'm an immigrant.  A legal one.  Like the vast majority of immigrants to this country.

** You know what really got me ticked off?  When he blamed gun violence on single moms.  My grandma was a single mom.  Not her choice, but she managed.  Don't diss my grandma. Today would have been her 99th birthday.