07 January 2014

What Professors Do: Winter Break

Some of the stuff I've been doing since submission of Fall grades, and have to work on before the start of spring semester:

Read textbooks
Spider Solitaire
Work on syllabi
New toilet seats
Vacuum clean apartment
Sleep in
Try to remember research plan
Read a book, for fun
Catch up on email
New shower curtain
Write assessment document 
Write an email explaining why I can't write the assessment document
Schedule appointments with doctors
Build on-line course environments
Go to bed early
Review page proofs for an article
Watch a movie
Write a paper proposal
Think about curriculum
Edit articles for special issue of journal
Play with the kid
Review MA program applications
Hire graduate assistants
Finish research report

I also have to find my marriage certificate (from 1991) to prove that The Mate is eligible for health coverage on my plan.  I also need to submit The Offspring's birth certificate to prove that I'm his mother.  Bureaucracy is charming.