26 March 2014

Breath; Metaphor

Inhale. Breathe in. Draw into the lungs, e.g. smoke. Eat rapidly, greedily.

Exhale. Breathe out. Give off gas or vapor.

Inspire. Breathe in. Motivate someone to do something creative or difficult or new. Make someone feel good about a task, a work of art.

Expire. Breathe out. Cease to be valid. Get too old to sell. Die.

Gasp, puff, pant, gulp, choke, rasp, croak.

Wheeze. Rattling breath. The sound of a spluttering engine. A trick, if you're in the UK.

Suffocate. Have difficulty breathing. Be prevented from expressing one's emotions or personality.

Air. What we breathe. A mood, a manner, a quality. A breeze. Let air into a room. Broadcast, express publicly.

A breath of fresh air.