06 February 2009

Another New Habit

My daily walk and my two-minute shower both fell by the wayside last week because I was flattened by the worst sinus infection of my life. Just before I was felled, I was walking up to four miles a day and was feeling that it was time to try running again.

I'm better now and I've resumed walking, which means it's time to create another new habit. This time, I'm going to try to fit more exercise into my life by alternating between yoga and lifting light weights. Following the example of Leo Babauta, I'm going to start by attempting just ten minutes a day.

In his book, The Power of Less, Babauta writes that it's important to set goals, but also to set a limited number of goals. My big goal for this year is to improve my health by exercising more and getting better and more regular sleep. (I already eat very well, and I finally cut my junk food habit last spring; if anyone has a suggestion about what else I can do, fire away.)

I was hoping for a 30-day walking streak. The sinus infection cut that short. But I started again as soon as I could, because by that time, the habit was set. I've been trying to add more yoga and more weightlifting into the mix for years now and I'm hoping the ten-minute method finally gets me there.