17 February 2009

Language Geeks Will Like This

The word "wordsmith" seems to be cropping up a lot in various places these days. The Oxford English Dictionary defines the term as "a skilled user or maker of words" and locates its print origin in an 1873 issue of the Contemporary Review.

Lately, though, I've been hearing the word used as a verb (a usage not yet recognized by the OED), so I searched further on Google* to see what's up.

I didn't find out, because I got distracted and transfixed by the Internet Anagram Server, also known as I, Rearrangement Servant.

I entered "grammatical." It answered:

548 found.
Displaying all:
Magical Tram
Magical Mart
Tarmac Gal Mi
Tarmac Lag Mi

If you want to see more of the list, go see for yourself.

*Slightly related note: I think my father has coined a new usage for Google. The Mom was searching with no luck for applesauce made in the fall. The Dad: "She Googled the freezer for applesauce, but didn't find any."