10 March 2009

Call Your Senator: Support Public Transit

No Impact Man writes today that New York City's plan to save the buses and subways from fare hikes and service cuts is in danger, threatened by three downstate senators. He asks that if you live in New York State, you call the Senate switchboard at (518) 455-2800 and ask them to look up your senator by zip code. Once connected, tell the person who answers that you strongly support the Ravitch transit plan.

Under this plan, bridges across the East and Harlem Rivers will get a $2 toll (same as a ride on public transit). The money raised will be used to avoid service cuts and/or fare hikes on the city's buses and subways.

If you don't live in New York, please email this post (or No Impact Man's) to everyone you know who does live in New York State.

Use the comments to let me know how the emails and phone calls go. Thank you.

Update: For more information on Ravitch's plan, check out this in the New York Times. Also, it occurs to me that even if you don't live in New York, but you commute here or come for visits, you might contact the senator for the district in which you spend the most time and voice your opinion.