14 March 2009

Cutting Back on Screen Time, Revisited

In short, I'm not doing a very good job. I've added Facebook to the mix, and despite predictions that the initial fascination would wane, I'm on there every day.

Do I really need to read the New York Times and the Guardian on line every day? More than once a day? Probably not.

One thing I have accomplished is to empty out all of my email in-boxes.

Back in January I decided on three things: shorter showers, less screen time, more time playing with barbells. Well, I'm doing pretty well with the shorter showers. The other two, not so good. I think there was a fourth thing but I can't remember what it was.

If I were on the screen less, I'd have more time to play with cast iron. Hmmmm.

And I don't recall setting any specific limits on screen time. So, here goes. No more than twice a day each on facebook, news, blogs, and solitaire. (I'd like to cut back to once a day, but I don't think I can do that right away.)