28 June 2009

Car Window Coverings: Reduce Heat and AC

Starting in 2012, California is set to require auto manufacturers to use special glass that will reduce the solar energy coming through the windows by 45 percent; in 2016, the windows will have to block 60 percent of the heat-producing energy. You can read more here at Treehugger.

Turns out you can go out today and have film applied to your car windows that will do the same job. Solargard claims their film will reduce heat by 66 percent; 3M claims a 99 percent reduction in UV rays but doesn't specify how much that will reduce heat in the car. 3M also makes a clear, rather than tinted, window film that will do the job without reducing visibility.

I have no idea how much this costs, and since it's Sunday morning, it doesn't look like I'm going to find out today. But when I do, I'll be back with an update.