26 December 2009

The Guardian's People of the Decade

We're not "post-racial," and we're definitely not "post-feminist" as we end the first decade of the second millennium.

The Guardian's list of the Icons of the Decade includes the founders of Google, the celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, President Obama, former UK prime minister Tony Blair, and the soccer mega-star David Beckham, alongside Osama bin Laden and Harry Potter.

The women?

Madeline McCann: a missing child, presumed dead. Carrie Bradshaw: a fictional television character (how about crediting the actress who played the part?). Britney Spears: famed for bad behavior. And finally, Mrs. Obama, as part of a package deal with the President.

Editors of The Guardian, what were you thinking? Were you thinking at all about what this list suggests about your attitudes about the accomplishments of women?