29 January 2010

Making Art, Greenishly

On my way to the Y the other day, I passed a little gallery and got to look around at some really neat sculptures of animals. I was all ready to take The Offspring over, but it turned out he'd already seen them, and loved them as much as I did. Here's "Cortez":
A ship and a shell, part of Cortez's side:
His nose is a spaghetti server, his jaw, an adjustable wrench; there's a gavel and a brush, some more shells, and all kinds of other stuff, unrecognizable until you look closesly, and so on down to his base, fittingly enough, a wheel:That's not all. Go along over and you'll get to see two elephants; a wild toothy sort of animal, maybe a boar; a couple of lions; another horse; and various other interesting creatures. It's all at the New York Studio Gallery, on the corner of Stanton and Suffolk Streets, until February 6. Closing reception, February 3 from 7 to 9 p.m.