18 January 2010

Thinking about Haiti

I have a hard time with the fact that they call it "looting" when people are going into ruined buildings and searching for food and water.

I had two cookies in my hand last night, my son only one, and he protested. "It's not fair!" I almost choked, thinking about the folks in Port-au-Prince. I almost launched about how lucky he was to have a cookie at all. But I don't think that would have led to a productive conversation.

He's six, and I'm talking to him a little bit about the earthquake and the fact that many people are hurt, or their homes have been damaged. But I'm shielding him from images and words about the situation. (No TV or radio in the house, so it's a matter of making sure he's not reading over my shoulder as I read about the tragedy on line.)

Any parents, or other opinionated people, out there? How do you talk to a kid about a tragedy like this?