12 March 2010

Advertising Irresponsibly

I tried to get a picture, but they all came out too blurry in the moving subway. I bought my phone for its camera, and it does make nice pictures, of things that are standing still. Slow shutter speed, though.

"It" was an ad for Budweiser that claimed that the crisp refreshing taste is due to the rice used in making the beer.


I'd have been convinced it was a prank from The Onion, except that the whole subway car was full of the ads.

Oh, and the part about "drinking responsibly"? Barely visible, tiny type, low contrast. Let's all go join Sarah P. for a six-pack and kill some brain cells while we talk about foreign policy.

While I'm on the subject of advertising, one of the big parking companies in the city runs ads in the subway, too. If you read English, you're invited to park in the city while you do some shopping or take in a show. If you read Spanish, you're invited to apply for a job.

Bilinguals should probably just go read Doris Sommer's Bilingual Aesthetics, on the pleasures and frustrations of being conversant in more than one set of cultural and linguistic codes.