02 March 2010

Uses for Scrap Paper

My institution generates a whole lot of paper. I get reams and reams of memos and related paperwork, and I throw it straight into a bin for scrap paper -- NOT into the recycle bin. So how do I reuse all that scrap paper?

1. I take it home, and use it in my home printer. Most of the stuff I print out -- drafts of anything I'm writing, notes for class, my own copies of syllabi and assignments, and the list goes on -- doesn't need to be printed on a fresh piece of paper, as it will eventually end up in the recycling. (I share an office printer, and if I have a huge job, I check with everyone else in the network and then put scrap in that, too.)

2. I take a stack of 20 to 30 sheets, put four staples across the top, and use it as a note pad.

3. I gave an exam today, and I brought a pile of scrap paper with me and gave the students the option of writing their answers on scrap instead of in blue books. (Yes, I checked first for sensitive information.)

Other uses for scrap paper, anyone? Post your good ideas to the comments.