18 April 2010

Being Zeke's Mom

If you'd told me before The Offspring was born that I'd get called "Zeke's Mom," I think I would probably have been put off, even offended. I'd have thought that getting identified via my reproductive capacity was an insult.

Nope. As it turns out, when the little friends call me that, I find it completely charming.

And when the staff at the the emergency room call me "Mum," that doesn't bother me either -- I know it's just that they're trying to do their jobs, and stopping to find out the names of the mothers of all the children that come through in the course of a busy night doesn't come in under "efficiency."

Being a parent is harder than anything I've ever done, consuming in a very literal kind of way. And also the most wonderful, the most wondrous, the most awe-some.

Being "Zeke's Mom" turns out to feel like an honorific -- a title I'm proud to wear.