02 April 2010

The New Me

The "itis" has changed me in ways that are gradually emerging. I'm more interested in people and less paralytically shy, so I've been talking to people, hanging out, opening up windows to make friends at a rate that, for me, is kinda astonishing.

Another change, one that I saw even before The Cure, is a re-commitment to writing, not only scholarly writing but writing right here on this blog.

An old friend suggested since I was sick for five months, it will take five months to recover strength and energy. First I found that frustrating, but then freeing, because it gives me more patience day to day: I don't feel as though I ought to have recovered already, but I realize it will be a long process.

And it will be interesting to see what else emerges in the coming months as my psyche re-adjusts to life and health.