27 September 2010

Facing Down Fear

As the fall semester gets underway, I'm living with an undercurrent of fear.

It's not necessarily a reasonable fear: if I do get sick again this winter, I'll know about a lot of things that it isn't, and I'll certainly try antibiotics right away even if it doesn't look like other people's bronchitis or pneumonia.

A good life does not require good health; I've known that for a long time.

Having a chronic illness, especially one that's reasonably well controlled through medical care available by way of good health insurance, may limit certain activities. The Mate's medication means he has to avoid alcohol. The Offspring's food allergies make life interesting. My own asthma, often triggered by allergies, means I can't go places with cigarette smoke, cats, or a fireplace.

Fortunately, these are relatively minor restrictions.

I'm trying to stay focused on this: right now, I'm in good health. If I get sick, then it will be time to work on getting better again. For now, fear is doing me no good.