30 June 2011

Another One of those New York Things

Grace Church, Bach at Noon on Wednesdays. Took the Offspring yesterday, now that school is out for the summer. Half an hour of keyboard music for a meditative pause at midday.

I was enjoying the cool calm, when I felt and then heard the subway rumbling along below. A fairly faint vibration, not enough to disturb the atmosphere within, but I almost laughed out loud.

I've been in churches in New York City before, but seldom. I think of churches in rural European tourist contexts, and the juxtaposition of church and rail took me by surprise.

And I remembered the sauna at the Chinatown Y, where, lying in a different kind of meditative calm, one hears the F trains rumble by.

Afterward, Offspring and I stopped at the Strand, and he browsed the outside cart of children's books and picked himself out yet another tale of dragons and fantasy. Odd juxtaposition there: books for children mixed in with books for parents, some not remotely suitable for children's consumption. (And now, of course, I can't remember any of the titles.)