27 June 2011

The Problem With White

I feel as though I've been really slow to figure this out, but it's dawned on me that white clothing (and towels, and pretty much anything else) is a problem.

My black t-shirts last pretty much forever. White ones, though, get stains in various places from various sources, and I end up throwing them away because they look god-awful long before the fabric itself has worn out.

Decision, then: When the whites I currently have reach the point of utter grubbiness, I'm going to do two things.
  1. Try dyeing them, and see if I can get them to a color that hides the stains and leaves me with a few more years of wear.
  2. Stop buying white clothing, hand towels, napkins, and so on. Look for sources of unbleached cotton, linen, and/or hemp clothing, and use darker colors more of the time.
That's all for today, folks.