29 April 2012

Not Runner's World

Some things I'd like to see in Runner's World...

A cover model in any shade other than white.  (Yeah, I know: they featured one a few months ago.  One.)

A cover model with adipose tissue.  My calculated BMI is 21.5 -- well within the range of 18.5 to 25 that the people who study this stuff say is healthy -- and I've got love handles and stuff.  The RW claim is that they put real runners on the cover -- but somehow they only manage to choose real skinny runners. (You can check your BMI here, if you're curious.)

Along those lines, less attention to weight loss and more focus simply on eating healthily.  Bonus: more vegetarian and vegan suggestions.

Some discussion of running with chronic illness, and maintaining an exercise program when there are constant interruptions of varying length.  Physiological information about returning to exercise after breaks of various lengths due to illness or infirmity.  Strategies for finding motivation to keep attempting the same fitness goals, over and over again.