12 January 2013

Sometimes You Have To Give Up

Item one: a metal laundry drying rack purchased about three years ago, a few months after which the screws holding it together started falling out.  I replaced the first, and the second, and the third... and it hung on for a while, remaining useable.  And then a couple of weeks ago about five of the screws fell out all at once.

And I gave up.  I realized the amount of time I could spend trying to keep that thing fixed just wasn't worth it any more.  I took the thing downstairs and threw it in the recycling bin.

At the moment, we have no drying rack.  I'm thinking about possible creative solutions, alternatives to buying another rack that will have to live in the corner of the bathroom.  Maybe several lines of cord strung near the ceiling of our half bath?

Item two: a pair of long-finger bike gloves.  I put them on yesterday and discovered I'd let them mildew after wearing them in the rain.  They're so beat, if I try to wash them, they're likely to disintegrate.  They went in the actual trash.

I've looked in a couple of stores for a replacement, but haven't seen anything I like.  I have a pair of leather gardening gloves I've owned for years.  I might try those as an alternative for days cold enough I want to cover my fingers but not cold enough for winter gloves.

Yes, sometimes even I throw something away.