21 January 2013

Ten of Tens: Local Food

January was supposed to be the month of finding ways to eat more local food.

Everyone in the household has been afflicted with one bug or another at some point this month, so trying to change habits and get into a different rhythm has been... a challenge.

Still, The Mate managed to make it to the farmer's market last week -- the littleish one at Tompkins Square, not the bigger Union Square farmer's market -- and even there, came home with a decent haul: brussels sprouts, squashes, apples, potatoes.

Meanwhile, we've increased the size of our box from Urban Organic.  Great selection of vegetables and fruits, and they try to buy local, but there's always a lot of food in the box that's been shipped quite a distance.

Next part of the project is to try to find a local source of dry beans and legumes.  I'm also thinking about preserving some tomatoes, hot peppers, and herbs next summer.