01 April 2013

Cat Suit. Or, Ignorance Is Bliss.

The town of Swansea, Massachusetts apparently has some issues with ADA compliance, including absence of ramps for wheelchair users and fences that block access.  As part of a fight to improve the town's accessibility, Patrick Higgins, a local resident, asked that the town library stop keeping a cat after others told him their children's allergies were severe enough that they couldn't use the facility.

A local vet posted the story to Facebook.  People responded by vilifying Higgins. Many called the guy names; a few assumed he had allergies himself, and suggested he's to blame.  Many said allergies aren't a  disability.  (They are, if severe enough.)  Others want him dead. 

Some of the comments:
Shoot the man. Idiot, cat bully, bad man, small minded. Get real, allergies are not a disability. Find another library, get lost, get a life, joker, jerk. The man [should be] required to get psychotherapy. Tell him to buy his books. Hater, dick, pathetic. He needs to go jump in a lake. Bitter old man, crotchety man. Take his library card away!  Have the man... put to sleep.  Attention seeking schmuck, selfish.  Get rid of the man.

Mean old SOB.  Bar those with cat allergies.  Dumb man.  Slap the guy so hard his teeth fell out.  Bitter, curmudgeon. He needs to be taught a lesson.  He's not taking care of himself.  Silly.  Kill the man.  Nut case, stupid human, old coot. It is not our responsibility to take care of these people.

Have a little talk with Jesus and leave the cat alone.  Ridiculous, frivolous, animal-hater, mean, grumpy black-hearted man, obnoxious.  He is trying to discriminate against the cat.  Creep, moron, a**hole, fool.  These people are crooks.  Perhaps if he lost weight he could breathe better.  Give that man a mask and a gag!

Old goat, ruins it for everyone.  Roll his fat a** off the nearest bridge.  Keep the cat get rid of the man.  Lonely hateful man, trouble maker, pill, hateful person, self centered, horrible, small minded.  Tell that guy to take a hike.  An affront on people with REAL disabilities."

Ignorant, whiner, crybaby, grouch, rotten, nonsense, chronic malcontent, miserable soul.  Have the guy put down.  Shame on him. Dumba$$.  Put the man to sleep.
Does that look like hate speech to you?

In the end, the cat got so much support from local residents that Higgins gave up.  The cat got her very own library card.  I suppose the kids can go read books in the next town.