13 July 2008

Foundation Problem Solved: Running Again

I've always had a problem with bounce; I used to solve it by pulling a stretchy sport bra over an underwire sport bra. Nine months of pregnancy, thirteen months of nursing, and five unshakeable extra pounds later, the extra, ahem: volume meant that didn't work any more.

Enter the Frog Bra from Title Nine. I've been eyeing it for years in the catalogue, but didn't want to buy it unseen and untested. Finally I took the plunge, guessed on the size, and ordered one.

The catalogue claims "no bouncing ever" and adds "'It's almost like not having breasts at all. Well almost.' Warning: major masher bra." It's all true, and it's also a Houdini-like feat of contortion to get on and off ... but running is comfortable again. Maybe now I can finally shake those five extra pounds.