26 July 2008

Incongruities on the A Train

Three women.
"McCain went to a German restaurant in Ohio. He's complaining because Obama is in Germany."
"He was just there. What does he think, we're stupid?
"You know who thinks we're stupid? Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney thinks we're stupid.
A woman walks by in ... a dress. It's shorter than anything I'd wear, but she's younger, too.
"Who does she think she is, Carrie Bradshaw?"

Three young men, working Rubik's Cubes. One completes one side, and tries to show it to his buddy, but the other guy is so engrossed, he can't get his attention.

Woman with highlights, understated make-up, Coach handbag, Tiffany shopping bag, and a tattoo of barbed wire around her right shin.

Young man. Rise of the jeans is engineered to ride so low, they look to me like harem pants. A thought that would no doubt horrify him if he heard me think it.