15 December 2010

Cold Commute

I left the car in the office parking lot and took the train home. I didn't try to ride the bike today: too cold; a colleague was nice enough to drive me to the train station at one end, and I took the bus home at the other end.

It was cold anyway. Cold platforms, cold trains, cold bus. And three hours in transit (using the bike at each end speeds things up a bit, but it's still a long trip).

Hot soup when I got home, two kinds left over from last weekend.

Now I'm thinking I might be being a bit too stubborn about this project of taking public transit to work once a week.

Then again, I slept on the train on the way home, instead of drinking more coffee to get myself more jacked up to try to drive safely and then have more trouble sleeping.

So, tomorrow: warmer clothes for the train ride back to work; layers so I can shed when I get to the overheated office.