21 December 2010

Duelling Dads

A friend stopped by to warm up after the school run this morning, and then we all went back out together to return to school for a celebration of the kids' fall study of Central Park.

The Friend, carrying the forgotten violin: Here, you take the violin, I'll take the bike.
Me: Nah, it's okay. [picks up bike, trots down stairs]
The Mate (pride in his voice): I didn't marry a girly girl.
The Friend: Well, my wife can work a double shift at the Blue Water Grill!
Me: Gales of laughter, possibly slightly hysterical from overwork.

Both The Mate and The Friend, it might be noted, do primary child care while The Moms are off at work.

(And by the way: I did it. Public transit at least once a week, all semester. Photo soon.)