19 January 2011

Accessible Taxis

From Wheelchair Dancer:


The City Council is now considering Intro 433, a bill which would require that any new taxi design approved by the Taxi and Limousine Commission be wheelchair accessible. It currently has 31 sponsors, and we are seeking at least four more sponsors to be sure that, if passed, it is "veto-proof."

This is especially important now, as the TLC is considering three finalists for the "Taxi of Tomorrow," which would be the "iconic" taxi of New York City, which would make it the main New York City taxi for ten years. Only one of the three, the Karsan, is wheelchair accessible.

We need your help in calling Speaker Quinn and your local council member to ask them to sign on. Below is a list of those Council Members who HAVE NOT SIGNED ON, the link next to their name is where you can get their contact information:

Please call Speaker Quinn to urge her to support Intro 433 and to vote for the Karsan as the "Taxi of Tomorrow."

Christine C. Quinn http://council.nyc.gov/d3/html/members/home.shtml

Staten Island
You can find out about the taxi here.