21 January 2011

Bike Detritus

Chained to trees, chained to parking regulations signs, chained to lampposts. They're all over the city, remnants of the increase in biking in the summer months spurred by the building of all the new bike lanes in NYC.
Come spring, they'll need substantial work if they're to be ridden again -- probably new tires to replace the ones that froze and cracked; plenty of chain grease and lubrication everywhere else, if not replacement of all the rusted parts. Maybe they'll just be abandoned, and people will get new bikes to replace them, considering that the cost of summer commuting.
Despite the snow and cold, bikers are still out there; I even saw some out in the freezing rain the other morning. (I'm not one of them at the moment, but I'm recovering from pneumonia and hope to join them again soon.) Meanwhile, London's bicycle superhighways are seeing increased use -- more proof that if you build bike lanes, they'll get used, despite the grumblings of detractors.