29 January 2011

A Thousand Bottles of Water

from "Ethical Shopper," 9/17/10

One bottle of water doesn't seem like much in the way of plastic packaging, right? But consider this:If you're in the habit of drinking bottled water, think about how the daily bottles add up over the weeks and months. And think about the alternatives.

I've been using a stainless steel bottle from Klean Kanteen, refilling it at water fountains or just at the sink. They make great bottles in a variety of sizes.

But it also dawned on me the other week that if I'm carrying around a refillable coffee cup, I can fill that with water whenever it doesn't have coffee in it, and that way I only have to carry one thing around at a time.

So... just think about it. How can you get your drink of water without petroleum packaging plus shipping emissions?