28 May 2011

I Was Curious...

...so I put potato chips, corn chips, and plaintain chips to the test. In the chart below,
K=Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Potato Chips with Sea Salt
U=Utz White Corn Tortilla Chips
V=Vitarroz Sweet Plantain Chips
In other words, junk food is junk food. There's no real difference, except for the absence of salt in the plantain chips -- and it's equally possible to buy salted plantain chips. There just don't happen to be any in the house right now.

Thus far, the sugar industry has managed to keep the people who make up these "Nutrition Facts" to define a limit for how much sugar people should consume, which is why there's no percentage of your recommended daily intake following those numbers.

Tomorrow or the next day, more fascinating programming may return. Stay tuned....