07 May 2011

The Plant Is An Ominvore

Walking the dog this evening, I ran into people completing The Great Saunter. They started out at the South Street Seaport at 7:30 this morning and were nearing the end of their 32-mile walk around the periphery of Manhattan. I'm completely entranced and want to go walk around Manhattan right now. I don't want to wait until the next event next May.


I'm a vegan. I cut animals products out of my diet gradually, starting with meat and ending up with eggs and dairy, over about a ten-year period. I've been vegetarian for around 25 years, vegan for around 15. It was (obviously) a slow process, and not something I thought through in any kind of serious way as it was happening; the reasons included politics, health, and kashrut. Long after becoming vegan, I realized I felt spiritually sounder if I wasn't killing animals for my own nutrition.


About three years ago, we got a dog. We did some research and determined it was safe to feed him a vegetarian diet. Then we ended up getting a lizard, an omnivore that eats fruits and vegetables but also needs live crickets and such things to survive.

And then the day before yesterday The Offspring came home from school with a Venus Fly-Trap. Now we have a plant that needs to eat meat to survive.