05 September 2011


Turns out it was in fact an even dozen trees that came down near us during Irene.  Seven in the courtyard between the next building and the FDR drive; two in the sidewalk just north of the courtyard, and three more in Corlears Hook Park, across the street to the south.
Those would be historic bricks, the remains of a dockyard on the location until the land was cleared for park space at the end of the nineteenth century.
Part of the fence by 455 FDR Drive. The workers cleaned up the bus shelter nearby with a shovel -- the glass was pulverized.
This one was 75 years old, give or take.
There was a bench here. Thankfully, there weren't any people under any of those trees, and given the number of trees down and the amount of flooding all up and down the eastern seaboard, it's a wonder more people weren't hurt.