21 September 2011

Recalibrating Goals

Lunch today: home made baked beans, home made applesauce (thanks to The Mate), organic carrots (cooked), organic celery (raw). Dinner: chinese take-out (bean curd and broccoli with curry sauce; no extra charge for the hair).

I've been trying to bring my own lunch to the office.  Less salt, less fat, less money, less throw-away plastic.  But I've decided not to beat myself up if I don't succeed every single day.

I've also been trying to work a weekly swim into the schedule.  Ha! I've decided to try to swim once this month.  If I can do that, maybe I can do it again next month ... and maybe eventually I can work up to twice a month.

I've been trying to take the train and the bike to work as often as possible, to avoid the various ecological and personal stresses of driving 55 miles each way to work.  Yesterday was a long day; The Offspring is sick; I'm tired.  I can't get my mind around carrying the bike up and down all those stairs at the PATH station.*  I'm driving.

In other words, I'm lowering my horizons, reducing my aspirations, giving in to overwork and over-scheduling.  And I'm trying to cut myself a break about it.


* There's an elevator, and escalators, from street level to turnstile level at the WTC PATH, but I haven't found one from the payment level to the train platform.  Maybe I just haven't looked hard enough -- I can't really imagine that it's actually not accessible.  Actually, I can, but I don't want to.