09 February 2012

Commuting Woes

Commuting by bike and train four days a week means 20 hours a week in transit.  Here's the breakdown for the curious:

4 hours biking
2 hours waiting for trains
1.5 hours reading am New York, doing KenKen and Sudoku
30 minutes on the phone with people at work
2 hours catching up with friends and family
10 hours reading for classes, grading papers, or doing administrative work

It's mostly productive time, and I've come to value particularly the hour a day on the bike, especially along the river at the end of the day.  And it gives my day some structure, which turns out to help a lot since I'm otherwise quite prone to procrastination.  

But I'll be very happy when the semester ends.  I typically go to campus one day a week in the summer, working at home the rest of the time.  It makes the work load and the crazy schedule during the semester possible.