12 February 2012

Not So Small Changes

It's February already, and I've had one brief, mild bout of bronchitis: nothing like the weeks and months of illness and fatigue of recent winters.

I've made two changes in the past several months.

My new doctor told me my vitamin D levels were on the low side, and recommended a supplement. (The old doc, when I asked, said "That lab always reports low values. You don't need it.")

My family has also been turning off all the machines on Shabbat, from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday.  Sometimes we go hiking on Saturday, sometimes we just stay home.  I often do some reading to prepare for the coming week's classes, but the rhythm of the day is completely changed.  I get a day of rest.

I don't know which to credit with improving my health, but I'm going to keep on with the vitamin D and the day of rest, and hope it keeps on going.