23 February 2012

Not Why I Subscribed

This is not why I subscribed to Runner's World:
Flyers like this have been coming with almost every issue.  Note that it's just for women runners; men, presumably, look just fine already.  I wonder what kinds of flyers male subscribers get with their issues.

Some of the other reasons I'm not resubscribing:

They sold my name and address.  Shortly after I subscribed, I started getting all kinds of junk mail.  I don't know for sure, but I suspect that this is why I now get catalogues from Victoria's Secret.  If you've ever tried to get off that mailing list, raise your hand.  Goes on forever, right?

They started used my email address for all kinds of promotions, mostly trying to get me to buy products associated with weight loss.  They put me on a whole raft of different email lists, so I'd unsubscribe from one but then messages would crop up from a different one.

And for this... I paid good money.  Bye-bye, Rodale.