14 March 2012

How Long Do You Think I Can Go Without Buying Anything?

"Anything" has to be defined and limited a little: I'm not giving up on food, or on clothing and books for The Offspring, or soap and toothpaste. 

I will need gas for my car, though I'm limiting driving by taking public transit as much as possible; if my bike needs repair, I'll buy what I need to keep it running.  Running shoes also fall into the "essentials" category.

But I'm thinking about clothing, kitchen and other household stuff, books for pleasure reading (i.e. not for teaching or research), music, movies....  I've got plenty of unread books in my apartment already, and there's always the library.  If a plate or a wooden spoon breaks, I've got plenty of extras.

I lost the heel off a boot a couple of weeks ago, but it needs repair, not replacement; ditto for the sock with the blown-out heel.  I'll have to investigate getting dress shoes resoled, when the time comes. 

Pi Day, 2012.  That's the start of this experiment.  How long do you think I can go?