27 May 2012

1.3 miles

The US Department of Transportation wants you to think about driving less.

Specifically, they point out that a significant percentage of the trips you take in your car are less than 2 miles long, and suggest that you ride a bike instead.  Go here to log your bike trips taken as part of the two-mile challenge.  For each trip you take, the makers of Clif Bars will donate $1 to an organization that promotes biking. 

This morning, I logged 2.6 miles to Whole Foods and back for groceries and various basics for the next couple of weeks.

That's right: $200 worth of groceries on a Brompton.  And while I've got the fancy Brompton pannier on the front, I did the rest with very low-tech accessories: canvas bags and bungie cords.  Didn't even need a backpack.

You'd be surprised at how many bags you can hang off the handlebars, and still ride without trouble.  Trick: balance the weight, and make sure the bags ride high enough not to hit the front wheel.