18 May 2012

Is Driving Nuts?

It's Bike to Work Day, but I drove to the office instead, for the first time in weeks. 

Books tend to migrate over the weeks, and I had a bunch that needed to get back to the office, and others that needed to come home.  I could have done it a few at a time on the bike, but I'm trying to gear up for summer writing, and I wanted to just get it done.

Plus I needed to bring my academic robe and hood back to the office, where they live when I'm not at commencement.  They've already been back and forth in the bike pannier a couple of times, and were getting wrinkled.

I've been mostly traveling at human-powered paces lately -- on my bike, on foot.  And sitting in my car today, it suddenly seemed to me that enclosing oneself in a little metal and plastic box and hurling oneself across the countryside at 60 or 70 miles an hour ... is insanity.