20 May 2012

Still Not Shopping (Much)

Back in March (on Pi Day, to be precise), I decided to see how long I could go without shopping.  The result has been very good: I had no idea how much energy I was spending on trying to track down deals, shopping without actually making purchases.

The Mate's birthday was yesterday, and he informed me that he had a couple of items in his Amazon wish list, so I went and ordered them and wrapped them for his birthday.  And I bought a couple of things for The Offspring at a conference last weekend.  But otherwise, I have stuck to the plan.  I've avoided buying summer clothing for The Offspring so far by cutting down four pairs of his long pants right above the holes in the knees and hemming them up as shorts, and I've realized I have enough clothing to keep me going for a very long time without needing anything new.

But on Friday, I drove to work for the first time in many weeks, and one of the reasons was that I wanted to run a couple of errands.  We've broken most of the glasses in the house, the pillowcases are getting rather ratty, and I wanted a clock for my office and some picture frames.

But I got off work and decided the pillowcases are fine as long as they're clean and mason jars are perfectly fine vessels for water and iced coffee and unless it's Shabbat, I just check the time on my computer anyway.  And if I'm taking my time away from the machines, I don't really need to know what time it is, anyway.  When it gets dark out, it will be obvious enough.

The no shopping thing has gotten oddly addictive.